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For this trope I love just straight up hurt!sam and comforting!dean during drug and/or demon blood withdrawal
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Category: Genfic
Missing pieces by Mamapranayama. Rated PG-13, Gen, 32k words.
Summary: Preseries AU. Sam is seriously injured while saving a friend at Stanford and is left without a literal leg to stand on. Rated T for language. Complete
my thoughts: A solid hurt!Sam fic that ‘fixes ' the estrangement of the Winchester family during the Stanford era. Sam has to get his leg amputated, he gets a touch of a Vicodin addiction, Bobby and Dean are there for him. There 's John Winchester 's A+ Parenting trope in this fic but there 's reconciliation at the end that feels good. This fic doesn 't go too deep and there 's a lot of time skips but I 'd still say it definitely gets the job done for hurt!Sam & comforting!Dean fans!

Old Habits by Parnassus. Rated PG, Gen, 13k. Summary: Tag to 5.14 My Bloody Valentine: Sam 's panic room aftermath.
my thoughts: Sam 's struggles with addiction in canon were harrowing. Some brilliant authors like Parnassus spent more time on it. This was just shameless, uber-satisfying hurt/comfort at its best right here.

Panic Room by clair beaubien. Rated PG, Gen, 10k. Summary: Tag to MBV - Sam wakes up in the panic room after his 2nd withdrawal. Sam's POV.
my thoughts: clair writes the boys in character and with that kind effortless tenderness between them that drew me into the show further than the genre & subject material already had

stripped down to our skeletons by sxldato sahwen. Rated PG-13, Gen, 2k. Summary: Some things, Sam supposed, never changed. No matter how hard he tried to be better, to be good, they would always end up here.Or: How Dean should have handled Sam's demon blood detox, because locking up a struggling addict alone in a room is not the way to do things.
my thoughts: somebody said it, and in the summary no less! hahaha. At the end of the day these detox fics are fixing canon with how Dean sometimes wanders off to angst or pray while Sam 's getting tortured in the other room. For bro fans, we 're all like ??? about it. sahwen fixes it admirably!

Dismantle Repair by SignedEJ. Rated Teen+, 6k words, Gen. Summary: Two-shot tag to 5.13 & 5.14 SPOILERS. Dean isn't sure what to expect when he gets back to the motel room but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't terrified to find out.
my thoughts: The angst! Dean helping Sam after Uriel put a pipe through his stomach, bonus points to the author for adding this extra gutpunch that while Sam had been temporarily dead he'd gone to hell. And then chapter 2, Dean taking care of Sam in the panic room after my bloody valentine. Some bed-sharing & running of hands through Sam's hair too... excellent hurt comfort.

Category: Dean/Sam
nixblaque 's junkie verse. Rated PG-13, Dean/Sam, 11k. Summary: Sam and Dean aren't hunters. Their mother wasn't killed by a demon, and they didn't spend their whole lives flitting from on motel room o the next. For the most part, they also weren't friends. When news comes of Sam and Jessica's engagement, Dean realises just how badly he screwed things up with his little brother, but it might just be too little that late, because that night Sam's car is run off the road and all of their lives are changed for ever. or
my thoughts: such an interesting direction to take. WIAWSNB is real, and this version of Dean comes to his senses wanting a better relationship with his brother. Just as he makes this revelation, Jess dies, Sam falls into an addiction to heroin, and Dean gets to step in and be the brother he wanted to be for Sam just in time when Sam most needed someone. Snuggles galore amidst hellish withdrawal symptoms