Monster fucker multi fandom fic rec list!

And No Birds Sing by anti-kate. Explicit, 24k, ineffable husbands. Summary: There was something in the shadows. Something coiled there, the light gleaming on dark scales. Something misbegotten and monstrous.
No, not a monster. Crowley.
I adored how monstrous and feral Crowley was in this, and how in turn Aziraphale never stopped being gentle and loving in the ((grotesque)) face of him. Features a charming epilogue referencing the end of S2. Also I just gotta say the sex scenes were soooo good in this fic - I loved them. Monster sex is the best sex. No leaving space for jesus in this fic yaaaaas. This fic is also in my Good Omens fic recs under Summoning Crowley

Deluge by Macx. Rated R, 100k. Summary: Weapon X chose Wade Wilson because of several factors in his life. He was a preternatural. He had extraordinary abilities that could be expanded upon. The cancer just made him desperate enough to agree to whatever they wanted to do with him. They didn't just turn him immortal. They destroyed his very soul, tearing him apart and shaping him into something new and never seen before. They took everything he had been and left him with ashes and bones. Soulless. He killed his creators and went on with his life. Then he met Spider-Man. Things started to change. Something inside him, something that had come out of the ashes and was a nightmarish, terrible thing, sat up and took notice. An intense, single-minded notice.
my thoughts: I read through this one quickly for how fun & interesting this altered universe was: with hellhounds and then however the new 'creature' inside Wade (kind of like Peter's symbiote from the fic 'highway to hell') develops with Wade - a really deep soulmatey connection to Peter Parker that even gives* him *powers. It's a really entertaining read :) This fic is included in my spideypool recs

My Boyfriend's a Murderbot by Fredegund. Spideypool, Explicit, 55k words. Summary: Wade Winston Wilson is ugly. His skin's inside out. It ripples and moves every second of every day, at constant war with the cancer. Vanessa put on a brave face for him when she first saw the changes, but it turns out even she can't stomach the sight for long. He's ugly and alone and nothing will ever be good in life again -
If only that were his only problem.
But Weapon X is at it again, under crisp new management, turning orphans into super slaves and bringing out the big guns to make sure nobody interferes this go around (namely one Pool comma Dead). So now, not only is Wade alone and ugly forever, but he's got a bit of a pest problem in the form of a black-clad murder-happy man spider with a collar around his neck and an unhealthy obsession with tying Deadpool up.
So maybe it's not all bad...
My thoughts: Excellent fic! I LOVED the buildup of Wade meeting Spidey. I loved the edge of vulnerable and feral the author kept Spidey on for awhile. I also appreciated how Spidey was more *Spidery*! He has extra limbs & googly black reflecting spider eyes?! F yeah that's so gnarly it's 100% awesome!!! This fic is included in my spideypool recs

The Passenger by roxymissrose. Explicit, Sam/Dean, 68k words. Summary: This is a post-plague curtain fic. Dean Winchester, an MoL errand boy and a bit of a rogue, meets Sam, a hot-tempered and mouthy skinwalker—and illegal slave. Of course, Dean can't let that stand, so cue the rescue, over the mountains and away. They find themselves trapped in a cabin over the long, long season of climate-changed winter. One handsome hunter, one angry 'walker. However will they survive?
Just devoured this fic inside of one night. AMAZING. It ticked so many of my boxes, specifically slave!Sam with that fascinating engaging personality dichotomy between vicious and vulnerable, then Sam and animal transformation - I was so thrilled to find out what his skinwalker beast turned out to be. This was a brilliant fic, and also excellent world-building. Also added to my SPN slavery reclist and SPN animal transformation reclist