Good Omens Favorite Fics!

Crowley whump and snuggly Aziraphale comfort here we gooooo
PS some are now separated into themes... 👀

Theme: Crowley + Chronic Pain

Echoes of Luke 10:34 by ChummyGeekery. Teen+, Aziracrow, 8k words. Summary: These days, the humans are calling it "Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome." Crowley just thinks of it as the way his body's been ever since the Fall. He's never really had to talk about it- until now.
Adored this fic. I loved the way Crowley's problems emerged over time in this story and how Aziraphale slowly learned what was going on and extended so much love comfort and compassion towards him.

Palliative Practices by VerdantVulpus. Mature, 19k words, Aziracrow. Summary: Based on the following prompt.
What if every time Crowley does a good deed, he suffers pain after because it goes against his demonic nature (and the greater the good, the more intense the pain)? Then Aziraphale finds out that Crowley has been living with that pain ever since the Arrangement.
5 times Crowley masked his pain and 1 time he accepted help.
Oh my gosh the angst in this fic was absolutely the best. Fantastic angst writing. I would love more more fics with this kind of angst and every conceivable variation of comforting!Aziraphale

A.Z. Fell Cooking (aka vlogger au) Series by MostWeakHamlets. Rated General Audiences, 35k words, Aziracrow. Summary: Aziraphale has a cooking show on the internet. It started out with three viewers, but now he's known as the happy grandfather that blew up overnight.
Crowley occasionally makes cameos, has dedicated his garden to giving Aziraphale fresh herbs and vegetables, and struggles with living after the apocalypse. ___
“Taste this, my dear,” Aziraphale said. He held a spoonful of jam to Crowley’s lips with his free hand cautiously under it, ready to catch any dripping. Crowley leaned forward to wrap his lips around the spoon. Most likely his shyness came from the small tender moments Aziraphale was not afraid of showing the world. It had been the topic of many long conversations after Aziraphale took Crowley’s hand in St. James Park, causing Crowley to freeze and break out in a cold sweat. Being discreet had always been their top priority. For 6,000 years, someone would have surely seen them if they embraced in the middle of London. But now, Aziraphale had assured Crowley, things were different. They no longer needed to hide, but Aziraphale would go as slow as Crowley needed him to. It was almost funny how their roles had switched after the apocalypse.
Oh man I loved the first chapter of the second fic installment where it's written like we're voyeurs watching the heart-wrenching reality of Aziraphale caring for Crowley, who's super sickly and frail in the winter (is usually back to normal in the spring and summer). The amount of love and trust that goes into the relationship depicted in this fic is sooooooo
This is mainly a South Downs curtain fic btw. It sounds like a social media AU thing, but the YouTube vlogging aspect is a side quest / cool awesome vehicle to give us some fantastic hurt/comfort

side effects by darcylindbergh. Explicit, 7k words, Aziracrow.
You don’t have to do this, you know, Crowley said, somewhere around Aziraphale’s stomach. His hand was rough around the hem of Aziraphale’s jumper, tugging a little, like he was trying to convince himself to let go. I’m fine on my own. I know. Aziraphale touched carefully—he was learning how to touch, like this—searching out the place right above Crowley’s left eyebrow where the migraine lived, pressing on it. You don’t have to be, though. You can just consider me a side effect.
This was super emotional and so well written. The amount of hurt/comfort and nonsexual intimacy was amazing. There was a bit of sexual intimacy but it was... it was lovely. Definitely going to reread this one.

Migraines Are A Bitch by obsidian_boi. Teen+, 5k words, Aziracrow. Summary: It's the night of the End of the World and Crowley feels a migraine starting. It's been a terribly long day and he no longer has the energy to fight it off.
Aziraphale is there though, and Crowley leans heavily on the angel as they head back to his place. The pain only gets worse, but will Crowley actually allow himself to take Aziraphale's help?
I *loved* this! Oh my gosh the *second* time poor Crowley's head smacked the bus window I was howling inside hoping Aziraphale would do exactly what the author described because it's so compassionate and protective and then the rest of Aziraphale taking care of him 😭 I really loved this.

Theme: Hell Trauma

As Beautiful as the Day We Met by Crow__Quill. Teen & up, 7k words, Aziracrow. Summary: Aziraphale finds Crowley after he has been tortured by Hell and tends to his wounds.
Apologies in advance - I cut out 90% of the author's summary in the details above - it was a long excerpt that proved they could write very well 👌
I've been in a big mood for Crowley whump & comforting Aziraphale and this fic is such a winner. Crowley broken and crying in Aziraphale's arms, I am so here for it!!!

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream by theshoparoundthecorner. Rated General, 18k words, Aziracrow. Summary: When he finally drifted off, he dreamt only of a burning bookshop and the end of the world. Since then, the nightmares came nearly every night. Some nights were easier to forget than others, but it was the nights when he woke up with a scream still caught in his throat or drenched in another cold sweat that left him shaken for the rest of the day. It was far too inconvenient to go about one’s day replaying a terrible dream in one’s head, so after about two weeks, Crowley came up with a solution to his problem. Since sleeping seemed to be the cause of all his troubles at the moment, it was simple: he would just stop.
Of course, stopping one’s nearly-six-thousand-year routine was easier said than done. Demons didn’t need to sleep, that much was true, but Crowley had grown rather accustomed to it, and quitting was no easy feat. Nevertheless, he did his best to keep his head held high and his eyes wide open, with one goal in mind – avoid alerting Aziraphale to anything out of the ordinary.
This, of course, failed miserably.
Yay cuddly coziness between Crowley and Aziraphale post season one, with angst and PTSD added for spice. Loved it.

Of Dust And Diamonds by entanglednow. Rated Explicit, 14k words, Aziracrow. Summary: After they're both released by Hell for good, Crowley and Aziraphale return to the bookshop. They're both dealing with their own trauma, but they're also determined not to lose what they spent six thousand years building towards.
The way this author treated the hurt/comfort aftermath of rape in hell in this fic was so nuanced and felt very authentic. The way Aziraphale and Crowley both care so deeply for each other, and cope, and circle around each other for comfort, seeking stability and balance with each other. So so good.

Recompense by Flywolf33. Mature, 21k words, Aziracrow. Summary: At first, he didn’t realize anything was wrong. They’d had a row, which wasn’t entirely unusual, and Crowley had stormed off with a few harsh words he didn’t mean flung over his shoulder.
Aziraphale had flung a few of his own untruths, though he always knew they hurt the demon far more than either of them would admit. To his everlasting shame, Aziraphale didn’t start looking for another two years.
By that time, the trail had gone cold and he couldn’t sense Crowley’s aura anywhere.
In which Hell gets hold of Crowley and Aziraphale has to try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again - if Crowley will let him. This has nothing to do with my other GO stuff at all. This has been bouncing around in my head and I finally got it on paper.
Aziraphale barging into hell 50 years later to rescue Crowley. The slow burn of recovery and angst (the scene where Aziraphale says he'll let Crowley go forever if that's what he wants and needs to feel better and recover) and love. The device-pulsifiers family supporting them was so brilliant too. Fantastic fic.

Theme: Summoning Crowley

Guardian Angel by dreamsofspike. Rated Mature, 33k words, Aziracrow. Summary: Crowley is summoned. It's not the first time - but it's probably the worst.
Oh my gosh this fic was harrowing - the Crowley whump was A+. Then the rescue was brilliantly paced. Sometimes the order of operations can get out of wack during rescue scenes but I loved every beat of it. The hugs and cuddling at the end was like the best surge of oxytocin ever. This was such a good read!

And No Birds Sing by anti-kate. Explicit, 24k, ineffable husbands. Summary: There was something in the shadows. Something coiled there, the light gleaming on dark scales. Something misbegotten and monstrous.
No, not a monster. Crowley.
I adored how monstrous and feral Crowley was in this, and how in turn Aziraphale never stopped being gentle and loving in the ((grotesque)) face of him. Features a charming epilogue referencing the end of S2. Also I just gotta say the sex scenes were soooo good in this fic - I loved them. Monster sex is the best sex. No leaving space for jesus in this fic yaaaaas. This fic is featured in my multifandom monster fuckers rec list

(Don't) Say My Name by CosmicOcelot. Rated Mature, 4k words, Aziracrow. Summary: “Aziraphale,” Crowley clutches tighter at Aziraphale’s jacket, hissing the words between his teeth, and the slightly hysterical edge to his voice makes the angel’s entire body flood with sheer panic.
“Someone’s summoning me.”
Loved the Crowley whump. The evil summoning felt a little bit like the beginning of Sandman which I loved. Aziraphale to the rescue is so delicious.

More Favorite (Unsorted) GO Fics!

Repossession by DreamsOfSpike. Mature, 190k words, Aziracrow. Summary: Crowley and Aziraphale's clandestine love affair has spanned the past fourteen years, with Heaven and Hell none the wiser. Or so they thought. Angel and demon alike quickly learn that Heaven can be far crueler than Hell.
Holy shit this fic took turns destroying me and healing me with all the batshit graphic and horrifying Crowley whump and comfort. I deeply appreciated how the author mixed flashbacks of torture and sexual abuse with 'current day' scenes that were a lot of comforting!Aziraphale. I adored the happy ending. Also the author posted instances of fanart inspired by the fic and it's been awesome (and gut-wrenching evocative, just like the fic) to see.

Constitution of an Ox by Bazzpop. Teen+, Aziracrow, 5k words. Summary: What if Crowley hadn’t been summoned back down to hell at the end of The Resurrectionists minisode? Aziraphale would have taken care of an off his head on laudanum demon, that’s what.
Oh my gosh I loved all the cuddling in this fic. Especially the encore in the morning, I was so happy they didn't immediately split apart out of automatic "our sides wouldn't like it" fear, which is a common thing in GO fic I've noticed (great for angst but sometimes you just want them to sink into each other's arms and stay there)

Five Times Crowley's Serpentine Nature Showed by ebullience24. Rated General, 5k words, Aziracrow. Summary: Five Times Crowley's Serpentine Nature Showed, featuring the whole airforce gang. 1. Eyes. 2. Cold-blooded. 3. Crowley can talk to other snakes. 4. Crowley has chronic pain. 5. Brumating
Fluffy and sweet, I really love the idea of Crowley as a snake, with various habits and powers and sensitivities that all comes with it. The chronic pain aspect to explain why he moves the way he does has piqued my interest too. Really well done!

i'd like for you and i to go romancing by dollsome. Ineffable Husbands, 6k words, rated Teen. Summary: In which people keep mistaking Crowley and Aziraphale for a couple, and Aziraphale starts to wonder if there might be something to it.
Realistic - I could totally see this fic playing out in canon and in the best way at that. It wasn't too sweet or too comically awkward. I like when the author takes them seriously enough to have them in love in a deep, even intense way. This wasn't that deep or intense but it scratched it, it took a little dip in that pool, which I really appreciated!

on one wounded wing by shoebox_addict. Ineffable husbands, 6k words, rated Teen. Summary: "I'm done with Heaven," said Aziraphale, with conviction. He’d had a long time to think this through, he knew where he stood now. "I'm on our side."
"You've said that before."
Oooo I adored this story. I see myself reading this fic over and over again. The idea of Crowley curling into Aziraphale, into the crook of his neck, letting out a sob because Aziraphale holds the back of his head like something precious. I CAN'T. I loved this. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you!!!

tales from a bookshop by Rizandace. Ineffable husbands, 19k, rated Teen. Summary: Post-season-two. Crowley's moping, Aziraphale wants to fix things, and turns out, there's enough blame to go around.
"You’re being ridiculous."
Crowley very nearly falls over.
Like, actually. He very nearly loses balance for no reason at all and tumbles to the sidewalk next to his car. He’s been playing Aziraphale’s voice in his head for weeks, he’s been trying very hard to drown out the sound of it, in fact, and now suddenly, abruptly-
"What are you doing here," is all he can think to say. He whirls around, and there he is. on Crowley’s right, standing there like he’d never left. Where he belongs, Crowley’s mind helpfully supplies. He wishes he could punch himself in the brain, knock the thoughts right on out of there.
I appreciated how the author had Aziraphale's back in this one, how they explained Aziraphale's moral compass and reasoning to be so essentially *him* when he decided to leave for Heaven. Reading how much it shattered Crowley, but how he still hung on to the hope of reuniting with Aziraphale was heart wrenching but so good for the happy ending we get. Also I'm loving the trend in GO fic of Aziraphale wanting to see Crowley's eyes. Depicted brilliantly in this one!

Ocean of Secrets (illustrated) by magicbubblepipe. Explicit, 16k words, Aziracrow. Summary: When Crowley uncovers a plot to sink a so-called unsinkable ship, he decides to take credit for it and collect a commendation from the safety of his London flat. That is, until he spots a certain flaxen haired angel with a weakness for expensive creature comforts boarding the ship. He's forced to take action, lest his beloved be horribly discorporated.
TL;DR Crowley and Aziraphale were on the Titanic.
The Titanic one - this one really stayed with me. It was such a lovely read, and I loved the epic horrifying proportions and backdrop of the Titanic. The author described the disaster very well.

Slow Show by mia_ugly. Explicit, 95k, Aziracrow. Summary: In which temptations are accomplished, grand romantic gestures are made, and two ineffable co-stars only take four seasons of an award-winning television program to realize they’re on their own side (at last, at last.)
Okay as someone who generally dislikes celebrity AUs, but I love drug addict redemption stories, I gave this one a shot (with over 12k kudos, it wasn't a hardship). Very well-written (you just know it's gonna be good when the author starts with a Richard Siken quote). Some terrific heart-wrenching angst that I adored. I appreciated the way the author mixed scenes from Good Omens into the fake TV show they were in. It worked really well for extra visualization.

Honey, You’ll Survive by HotCrossPigeon. Teen+, 12k words, Aziracrow. Summary: Crowley only popped into the bookshop to say goodbye. He might not have been thinking straight, due to that bloody great big hole where his stomach used to be. Aziraphale, quite rightly, refuses to let the demon pop his clogs in his bookshop of all places, thank you very much.
Aziraphale saving a fatally hurt Crowley and being super straightforward about wanting cuddles was the best thing in the world. Crowley was written really well in this fic - doing his best to be snarky and sarcastic, anything but sincere and vulnerable (but he gets there. Oooo how I love that 🥰🥰🥰)

Untouched by Etaleah. Teen+, 3k words, Aziracrow. Summary: A demon's life is a lonely one. What Crowley wants is so simple, yet he can never have it.
Touch starvation. When Aziraphale finally hugs h Crowley and basically breaks him 😭 literally the best

Someone Reaching Back For Me by lorenzhellmangloucester. Teen+, 1k words, Aziracrow. Summary: Aziraphale tries to soothe, tries to rock him, completely unsure if he’s helping or not; he’s never seen Crowley lose control in quite this way. Sometimes Crowley lashes out in anger or hurt, and he’s seen him vulnerable before, but nothing like this. Nothing this fragmented, nothing this… shattered. It’s like watching Crowley break, this shivering, terrified creature clinging to him like he might disappear, and oh. Oh, Aziraphale thinks, feeling very small and fragile himself all of a sudden.
In the immediate wake of the almost-apocalypse, Aziraphale realizes he's not the only one who was afraid of being left alone.
I really adored this - I love the concept of Crowley going snakey when he's upset & panicking, and especially that Aziraphale would just wrap him up in hugs and cuddles no matter how monstrous he's looking 🥰🥰🥰 I *love* it so much.