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Thursday January 4, 2024 - fogsrollingin
Probation Period's Over


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Edward Teach in his 'probation' outfit - a sack with a bell around his neck - swaying his way into a kiss with Stede Bonnet.

Title: Probation Period's Over

Author: fogsrollingin

Fandom: OFMD

Relationship(s): Gentlebeard

Story Length: 7k words

Published: 12/31/2023 here on neocities

Summary: Set between season 2 episode 5 "The Curse of the Seafaring Life", this fic explores a disturbing reason why Ed might have found himself back in his leathers by the beginning of season 2 episode 6 "Calypso's Birthday."

'Trialculosis Sam' New Chapter On Its Way Catch up on the story!

Published April, 2013 on, last updated August 2020, the "long, dragged-out, unpredictable, emotional, let's-nearly-kill-'im version of Sam dealing with the trials" story will be updated again early 2024, here on neocities only.

Trialculosis Sam Artwork by MidnightSilver
Dean Winchester singing to his brother, who's clutching Dean's amulet. Link to Silver's original artwork.

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Tools Spotlight

> AO3's FAQ about downloading fanfiction.

> Moon+ Reader for Android is an excellent 3rd party e-reader with a lot of accessibility options far beyond Libby, Hoopla, etc.

> Kybook 3 for iOS

> Serial Reader is a fantastic reader that builds reading (literature) habits. I devour fanfiction so I rarely upload fics to Serial Reader but I need to mention it because I love it.

> E-ink devices are a game-changer reducing eye strain! For quick transfer between your computer or phone (where you may have found the fic) and your reading device (where you want to read the fic) on the same internet network, if it's a Kindle or Kobo, you can use

Happy downloading and reading fic 📚✨ ~ fogsrollingin


This info has also been added to my Fandom is my Fandom page, located under Tools.

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