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I write a lot of hurt/comfort! I just tear my favorite characters apart until they can do nothing but shamelessly hug and cuddle. I flex my worldbuilding skills every once in awhile to conjure those things up. It doesn't hurt that I love zombies, apocalypses, anything harrowing, dark, brutalist 🥂

PSA all the links in every rec list web page (and my fic masterpost) should be scrapable by Calibre's FanficFare "Get Story URLs from Web Page" option for bulk downloading. Nice.

My small fic is mostly on tumblr, tagged my tumblr fic. Most popular one is: Scene Extension of 5.11 Sam, Interrupted. Gencest, bedsharing, hurt/comfort, 600 words. Dreamwidth || Tumblr

to treat a soul with grace and love by fogsrollingin, art by@jenniferb-art. Queerplatonic wincestiel, Mature, 6k words. Summary: Team Free Will Bang 2021!S12 canon divergence. Dean carried a cosmic suicide bomb into a meeting with God and his sister, Amara. Cas was thrown clear across the state by a powerful banishing sigil, and Sam got shot and kidnapped and tortured, all while thinking his brother was dead. And Mary Winchester was resurrected. AO3 // art post on tumblr here

Cultivating Your Belongings in the After by fogsrollingin, art by@leafzelindor. Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, Teen+, 16.6k words. Summary: In the aftermath of asteroids and meteors showering the earth for days on end in 2007, those left behind, traumatized and destitute, must survive and rebuild. The brothers quietly serve their small camp community as they all strive to heal, salvaging comfort and hope from the rubble and ruin. AO3 // art post on tumblr here // FFnet

The Land of No Goodbyes. Dean Winchester/Castiel, platonic soulmates Sam Winchester & Dean Winchester, rated PG-13, 5k words. Summary: The end is just the beginning.We start at the last scene of the series finale. AO3 // FFnet.

Masterpost of my Sam Whumpchester 🎃 Whumptober 2020 fics. ... 🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃
All my love to the mods of @whumptober2020 event setting everything up, reblogging, answering questions in the discord. All that organizational fan labor is tremendous and I am so grateful. Y’all deserve some delicious Halloween cake pronto 💛🖤🧡
Next, to avoid redundancies in providing prompt fill info in this masterpost, all content below belongs to the Supernatural fandom and whumps Sam fucking Winchester (and features comforting Dean Winchester).
My corresponding AO3 series to this masterpost is Sam Whumpchester 🎃 Whumptober 2020
Ready? Go! πŸ‘»

Title: 20 Minutes Away
Story details: Sam & Dean, rated PG, 2.3k words.
Summary: Sam had been tied down to more terrifying platforms than beds with thin mattresses so it was okay, he told himself.
Prompts Filled: #1 Waking Up Restrained and #25 Disorientation 
Available on Tumblr ||  AO3 ||
Title: under the table and dreaming
Story details : rated PG-13, 1.5k words, story status: complete.  
Summary : Ghouls think Sam Winchester's a tasty cinnamon roll too.
Prompts filled: #5 Rescue and #20 Field Medicine
Available on Tumblr ||  AO3  ||
Title: Flinch
Story details : rated PG-13, 1.8k words, story status: complete.
Summary: Dean had beaten him to a pulp and almost murdered him with Death's damned scythe. What did that do to Sam?
Prompts filled: #6 'Stop, please’ and #16 Forced to Beg.
Available on Tumblr ||  AO3  ||
Title: #10 They look so pretty when they bleed
Art details: traditional, pencils
Available on Tumblr || Deviantart || AO3
Title: #11 Crying  πŸ‘€πŸ˜­ 
Art details : traditional, pencils
Available on Tumblr || Deviantart || AO3
Title: you broke me first
Story details: rated PG-13, 1.2k words, story status: complete.
Summary: Sam won't stop going after Lilith. 
Prompts filled: #12 Broken Down and #13 Oxygen Mask. 
Available on Tumblr ||  AO3 ||
Title: in this house
fandom: Supernatural
Story details: rated PG-13, 3.3k words, story status: complete.
Summary: Dean slid to his knees in front of the low, long rusted steel wire cage that held his little brother, naked and collared and huddled into its darkest recess.
Prompts filled: #2 Collars, #4 Caged, #14 Brand, #15 Magical Healing, and #31 Torture.  
Available on  Tumblr || AO3 || 
Related Works: Hurt!Sam by  @midnightsilver
​ (!!!) Censored version available on  Tumblr  || Uncensored version πŸ˜ available on Pillowfort ||  AO3 
Title: hold your head high, heavy heart
Story details: rated PG-13, 4.2k words, story status: complete 
Summary: Takes off immediately after the pilot, Sam's grief and Dean picking up the ol' dusty mantle of 'big brother'
Prompts filled: #19 Grief & #23 Exhaustion.  
Available on Tumblr || AO3 ||
Title: calculated losses
fandom: Supernatural
Story details: rated PG-13, 4.7k words, story status: complete 
Summary: Dean shared a look of suppressed alarm with his brother. Hunters were pretty bad mama-jamas. For a hunter to hire a merc was nearly unheard of.
Prompts filled: #3 Held at Gunpoint, #9 For The Greater Good, #17 Dirty Secret, #21 Hypothermia & #22 Withdrawal
Available on Tumblr || AO3 ||  
Title: not even duct tape & safety pins  
Story details: rated PG-13, 2.7k words, story status: incomplete 
Summary: The minute Sam's ravaged soul slipped back into his body by Death, mind and spirit combined to manifest as something barely human. Feral.
Death vanished, Dean struggled to hold a screaming, newly re-souled Sam down on the cot, and ever since he's been praying for his little brother to come back to him.
Prompts filled:  #24 ‘You’re not making any sense’, #18 Paranoia, #27 Extreme Weather
A/N: This chapter is the first of many that will continue to be updated after Whumptober. It is very much a WIP! (but it’s very good; I love it - you should read it)
Available on Tumblr ||  AO3 ||
Title: Reunite 
Story details: rated PG-13, 4.2k words, story status: incomplete
Summary: After a severe accident his sophomore year of Stanford, nobody came for him at the hospital. Until now.
Prompts filled: #8. Abandoned, #26 Migraine (+Head Trauma/Brain Damage), #28 Accidents,  #7 "I've Got You" and #30 Ignoring An Injury
Available on Tumblr || AO3 ||
Title: #29 Reluctant Bedrest
Art details: traditional, pencil
Available on Tumblr || Deviantart || AO3

2.11 Playthings Extension/Coda. Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester, queerplatonic, rated G, 1.3 words. Summary: The scene where Sam begs Dean to kill him if he goes darkside. Tumblr // AO3 // FFnet Just some angsty + cuddly bois

Angels and Omegas. Dean Winchester & Castiel, gen or pre-slash, rated R, 5k words. Summary: SPN Reverse Bang fic! In a post-apocalyptic world of nomadic angels and territorial alphas that brought draconian law and omega slavery back into practice soon after the Rapture, Dean is a collared omega forced to work at Chicago"s Navy Pier. Castiel is the angel that saves him. Available right now on AO3! @liliaeth's artwork is in there too but also on her LJ! 😍 // AO3 This was a pleasure to write. An emotional roller coaster well worth the ride for me! I totally made myself cry at the end.

Revelation on Heroes. Gen, rated PG-13, 5k words. Summary: Taylor, a traumatized survivor of a wendigo's attacks, has to help the two men who saved her in return. Outsider POV. // AO3 // I've been writing this before going to bed for like a month and figured I'd share it. Yay injured naked hallucinating Sam and cuddly Dean to the rescue (and an OC who's peanut butter jealous, hahaha) 🤗 🤗 🤗

Soul Slip. Gen, rated PG, 7k words. Summary: The day Dean is gifted a companion android on May 2nd, 1989. // AO3 //

Moon-kissed // MK Gen 2.0. Unrelated Sam/Dean, rated R for darkness, 27k words. Summary: Leviathans led a successful global assault on humanity twenty years ago. The resistance is made up of surviving humans and Luna-borne creatures such as weres. Dean, a Marrow Pack werewolf, runs missions to take down leviathan strongholds and rescue those imprisoned and enslaved there. On this particular mission, Dean is shocked to discover one of the young slaves is a werecat, a species so rare that most weres thought them extinct. Fic can be found on both AO3 & The gen version of this fic is available now too titled "MK Gen 2.0β€³ which can be found on both AO3 & The gorgeous artwork by Midnight Silver can be found on AO3 & Tumblr!

I Get You. Gen, PG-13, 2k words. Summary: Tag and/or coda to s14e17 Game Night. Jack cured Sam's bloody hemorrhaging head, Sam startled up against the Impala asking so many questions, and Dean… well Dean pushed away to get over the near-loss of his entire fucking world. Just give him a second. // AO3 //

Deprivation. Gen, G, 3k words. Summary: Takes place around S14E5 "Nightmare Logic." Sam's stressed. He's forgetting to eat and people keep waking him up the minute he salvages time for some shut-eye. Dean's there for him. // AO3 //
My thoughts on me: originally I wanted to write a 'cute aggression' fic where Dean gets cursed to find the creature he loves most in life to be so cute he just wants to cuddle and eat it up. Instead I found myself enjoying writing a burnt-out Sam slightly embarrassed to be appreciating Dean's calm, effortless attention and affection after having gone without it for so long 🥰

Highway To Hell. Gen, G, 4k words. Summary: Dean needs a hug. S7 setting. One-shot. 4k words. // AO3 //

Scene Rewrite for Born-Again Identity (S7E17). Gen, G, 1k words. Summary: The first time Dean sees & talks to Sam in his room on the psych ward. // AO3 //

Worth It. Gen, G, 2k words. Summary: Tag to Plucky Pennywhistle's. When they get back to the motel room, Dean discovers Sam's been hiding his injuries. // AO3 //

Buzz and Woody. Gen, G, 4k words. Summary: De-Aged!Sam gets sick and Dean takes care. Sam is seven, Dean thirty-three. Set in season seven. // AO3 //

Stale Mate. Gen, G, 1k words. Summary: Two-shot. When you're running on fumes, it's nice to have your brother around. // AO3

A Simple Ending. Gen, G, <1k words. Summary: Just a short intense hurt/comfort death fic. // AO3 //

Sharing Beds, Call Cuts, Strangleholds & Colds. Gen, G, 3k words. Summary: Four short stories featuring Sam & Dean as adults sharing a bed, dropping each other's calls, talking about getting strangled, and dealing with colds. // AO3 //\

Impala Conversations. Gen, G, 8k. Summary: Sam and Dean joke, banter, bicker, and reconcile some rough truths. // AO3

Don't Stop Believin'. Gen, G, 14k words. Summary: Bobby is dead. Sam is crumbling, Dean is falling, and they've got to piece each other together in order to keep on... and it's not easy. // AO3

Ordinary People. Gen, G, 27k. Summary: Teenchesters. Outsider POV & OC: Jesse really appreciates Sam as he's welcomed into their group, but slowly realizes the truth behind his family as reality sets in... // AO3 //

You Better Start Swimming. Gen, G, 50k words. Summary: Sam is kidnapped for a month by a teacher who knows about the demon blood inside Sam. Sam and Dean struggle to stay afloat -and stick together- after the trauma. Anachronistic chapters, but still very easy to follow. Sam is 12, Dean 16/17. Warning: dark themes, see writer's notes. // AO3 //

A Change of Plans Series. Gen, G, 40k words. Summary: Sam is diagnosed with a Seizure Disorder - Epilepsy - when he is ten years old. A series of chronological vignettes. Chapter titles indicate the one-shot setting. // AO3 //

The House Edge. Gen, G, 15k words. Summary: Sam is fourteen years old and doesn't really need Dean anymore. He tries to restructure their relationship... and does more harm than good. // AO3 //

Wisp. Gen, G, 3k words. Summary: Sam completes the third trial. Completely alternate version of S8's ending. Inspired by S08E23's promo images of Sam. // AO3 //

A Small Price to Pay. Gen, G, 2k words. Summary: Sam is trying to deal with his memories of hell before going to sleep. Dean's there for him. // AO3 //

Pyrophobia. Gen, G, 3k words. Summary: Sam wants his big brother. More than anything right now. // AO3 //

Drugs are a Hell of a Drug. Gen, G, 3k. Summary: Karen, exhausted and stranded, gets a five minute drive with the Winchester brothers, the eldest of which is a lee bit woopy. // AO3 //

Sammy's Inferno: Ye Who Enter Here. Gen, G, 12k words. Summary: Tag fic to S11E09 "O Brother Where Art Thou?" Alternate canon of S11E10. Dean and Castiel travel to hell to save Sam. // AO3 // //
Sammy's Inferno: It Still Abandons Me Not. Gen, G, 8k words. Summary: Sequel to Ye Who Enter Here. Let's put it this way: Sam's adjustment period is not without dramatic flair. // AO3 // //

The Sound of Evil. Gen, G, 6k words. Summary: Fandomnatural Prompt Fill: Eileen visits the Bunker and discovers a room and/or object Team Free Will have not happened across before. // AO3

Banter. Gen, PG-13, 6k words. Summary: Clips and pieces of dialogue between Sam & Dean while en route to/from cases in the Impala. // AO3 //

King of Cups. Gen, PG-13, 2k words. Summary: He rolled over, clearly disoriented, but focused on Dean and nodded. "Meow." // AO3

We Didn't Start the Fire. Gen, G, 1k words. Summary: Sam & Dean discover "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel. Takes place May, 1992 (Sam 9, Dean 13). // AO3

Coaster Park. Gen, G, 10k words. Summary: Coaster Park had been experiencing an unusually high frequency of technical difficulties. Dean wouldn't have pulled a shift treating nauseated, heat-stroked, or dehydrated park-goers for that if he could've helped it, but when 'technical difficulties' were accompanied by rumors of things moving and stopping on their own in front of the operators' eyes, Dean had to throw down. No historical tragedies or disasters in the area, ectoplasm, or EMF. Dean's only lead was a battered-looking kid that'd been coming to the park every day since it'd all started. // AO3

Buildup. Gen, G, 1k words. Summary: A bit of h/c and an extended dialogue scene during the BM at the end of the episode 13x11 'Breakdown' (the one where Sam's organs were getting auctioned off to monsters). // AO3

Getting Free. Gen, PG-13, 7k words. Summary: Fourteen-year-old Sam thinks about his family & recalls a particularly traumatic memory that left a rather timeless imprint on him... which leads him to make a rather timeless promise to himself. Featuring: Bigbro!Dean, angsty Sam, and "John Winchester's A parenting" (emotional manipulation, negligence; no direct physical abuse). // AO3 //

Together We'll Break These Chains of Love. Gen, PG, 10k words. Summary: "'HOLD MY HAND' Sam yelled, laughing so hard he was gasping." Light-hearted (and then intense) h/c gen fic, set in the beginning of S4. // AO3 //

Decisions. Gen, G, 4k words. Summary: Dean has to come to terms with the immediate aftermath of choosing his family over staying with Sonny. Sammy helps. // AO3 //

Nostalgia. Gen, G, 3k words. Summary: Wistful reminisces into Sam & Dean's childhoods/teen years. Oh and Bear, Dean's stuffed animal from A Small Price to Pay, shows up in here. Tags: weechester, teenchester, cuddling, hugs, nightmares, stranger danger, safety, protection, memories, recollections, jerk, bitch, security, family, affection, love, grief. //

Moose. Gen, G, 1k words. Summary: Alternative title: Sam Gets Turned Into A Moose (& How Dean's Jacket Died). //

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Gen, PG-13, 4k words. Summary: Sam gets gifted to Dean in a big wrapped box, barely alive, by a crazed (yet totally hot) waitress. Full story available on my LJ but edited just now for ff dot net. Credit goes to leah elisabeth for the wacky prompt - I had tons of fun with it! //

Never Letting Go. Gen, G, <1k words. Summary: Sammy's not happy when his father has to go; Dean settles him down. Short weechester one-shot. //

Good Times. Gen, G, 1k words. Summary: Sam's first time getting drunk. //

Trialculosis Sam. Work In Progress. Gen, G, 110k words. Summary: The long, dragged-out, emotional, let's-nearly-kill-'im version of Sam dealing with the trials. Setting Season 8. Post S8E20, right after Dean says, "Want me to do the whole, uh, airplane thing with the spoon?" AO3 // //

The Definition of Special. Work In Progress. Gen, G, 10k words. Summary: Sam and Dean meet an unlikely friend in the midst of difficult times. Teenchesters, bigbro!dean, awesome!sam, OC, schmoop, angst. Definitely no longer a two-shot. //

In Less Than Twelve Hours. Work In Progress. Gen, PG-13, 7k words. Summary: "This time the brandy went smooth down a woman's throat and the glass was left on the mahogany side table with the brilliant scarlet half-moon imprint of her lips. She was waiting and at six pm. Six pm the death knell would ring." Basically what I think's going to happen in the S9 finale. If you're into S9, this fic'll probably be a good fit ;) Brothers-centric though fyi. //

NeverEnding. Work In Progress. Gen, G, 3k words. Summary: In which Ezekiel has the best of intentions and Sam finds happiness. The version that would never fly in canon. //

Clean Slate. Work In Progress. Gen, PG-13, 62k words. Summary: Sam and Dean have their memories erased overnight in the midst of an otherwise typical hunt. Without a shared history, do they still make a good team? Relevant tags: Amnesia, BigBro!Dean, Hurt!Sam. //

The End Continues. Work In Progress. Gen, PG, 4k words. Summary: Future!Dean didn't die in that cemetery. S05E04 The End: canon divergence. //

Rendezvous. Work In Progress. Gen, R, 15k words. Summary: Sam and Dean must drop everything and reach their rendezvous point when an epic apocalypse hits in 1995. Preseries AU. Dean is 14/15, Sam is 10/11. //

Revenge, Blackbonnet, Mature, 5k words. Summary: "Remember he just beat us down? Just- just ground us down into nothing?" - "Oh, I remember. I was there. He treated us like dogs. Worse than dogs!" AO3 ||FFN

Surrender, Blackbonnet. Teen. 2k words. Summary: "Surrender." Stede's words were even and firm. He was at the helm facing Blackbeard. Their swords were unsheathed but only half-raised, as though neither of them could really threaten each other. AO3 ||FFN

what wound did ever heal (but by degrees?), gen/pre-dreamling, teen & up, 5k words. Summary: The Magdalene Grimoire, in the possession of a true worker of magicks, still had the keys to summon and trap an Endless. 11/8/22 update : I've stealth edited this fic so many times that it's a new read. AO3

An Intergalactic Manhunt for a Mass Murderer. Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, G, 4k words. Summary: Jared remembered Jeff's words as they'd prepped in the van. "Know that there is a slight chance the Independents might have figured out we were watching and arranged this. They might be out there right now planning an extraction." Everybody stopped and looked up at him. "Don't let them," Jeff ordered. // AO3

We Don't Share Well. Mishalecki, NC-17, 9k words. Summary: Jared, a ballet teacher, and Misha, a yoga instructor, mix about as well as oil and water. Lucky they rarely have much to do with each other at the Morgan Fitness and Wellness Center, as Jared's studio is on the first floor and Misha's is upstairs. Their luck runs out when the Morgans schedule second floor renovations that'll last for three months in the fall, forcing Jared to share his studio with the impossible yogi. Reverse Bang 2018. Artwork by emmatheslayer! // AO3

ExSec Tree. Work in Progress. ART/Murderbot or Art&Murderbot, nonsexual, noncorporeal romantic AIs, rated Teen+, 3k+ words. Summary: It wasn't as satisfying as Murderbot thought it would be, watching every detail of Gurathin's face as realization dawned they were completely fucked. AO3

Take Me Home. Gen, Yuuri/Victor, G, 2k words. Summary: This wasn't like Detroit. He hadn't had everything he'd ever wanted at stake in Detroit. Yuuri's having a rough time settling into Saint Petersburg. Victor's there for him. // AO3 //

This Isn't Logan's Run, Victor. Gen, Yuuri/Victor, G, 4k words. Summary: Victor's gotten off to a rough start, returning to the ice after a year of eating whatever, traveling the world, and falling in love. Guess who's there for him. // AO3 //

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