Fandom is my Fandom

Here's a buncha Fandom Meta, Tools, and then also self-indulgent dream tools, that I love and/or intend to read


On Finding Fic

On Reading Fic
First, visit AO3's FAQ about downloading fanfiction to get a real idea behind why downloading a story is so awesome and important.

  • Moon+ Reader for Android is an excellent 3rd party e-reader with a lot of accessibility options far beyond Libby, Hoopla, etc.
  • Kybook 3 for iOS
  • Serial Reader is a fantastic reader that builds reading (literature) habits. I devour fanfiction so I rarely upload fics to Serial Reader but I need to mention it because I love it.
  • E-ink devices are a game-changer reducing eye strain! For quick transfer between your computer or phone (where you may have found the fic) and your reading device (where you want to read the fic) on the same internet network, if it's a Kindle or Kobo, I use

On Archiving Fic

Dream Tools

This is a list of features I wish AO3 had natively, or that I wish I could make, or I'm hoping a dev could create one day.
I'd love to...

  1. Be able to bulk download all my bookmarked fics. Right now the most I (or anyone, I think) can d/l at once (at least on AO3) is 20 fics at a time bc AO3's bookmark listings are 20 stories per page, and using Calibre+FFF, I'm "downloading by web page."
  2. Have two separate "Any Field" fields in the works search page. This is so I can search for "AU 1" or "AU 2" which features "Pairing 1" or "Pairing 2." Because right now there is no way you can do this (I've tried many times). This makes it so that in one search results page, I can get either android AUs *or* dragon AUs (*or* as many other AUs as I like) that feature my ship 1 *or* ship 2 *or* as many other ships as I like
  3. Subscribe to get an email alert for *only* when the last chapter/last chapter is posted.
  4. Being able to sort my History > Marked For Later fics would be amazing /cries/ I have so many of them
Webmaster Kit

A lot of my credits are in my stylesheet, but to be as helpful as possible, here they are in FAQ form!

How did you...