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Thursday January 25, 2024 - fogsrollingin
'Trialculosis Sam' New Chapter Published! Only on Neocities

Season 8 promotional image of a skeletal-looking Sam Winchester
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in the season 8 finale, looking sickly and frail as a result of the trials.

Published April, 2013 on, the "long, dragged-out, unpredictable, emotional, let's-nearly-kill-'im version of Sam dealing with the trials" story has a brand new chapter 42 here on neocities only.

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Coming >Soon<

Good Omens
> New Fic <

A 2.5k timestamp to my Good Omens fic Even As A demon.

Summary: A few days have passed. The angel and demon are both doing their best.

Tags: Emotional hurt/comfort, Hurt!Crowley, nightmares, PTSD, flashbacks, hugs & cuddles, snuggling

behind the scenes photo of David Tennant as Crowley wearing black silk pajamas
David Tennant as Crowley wearing black silk pajamas, an inspiration for the upcoming time stamp.
Sam Winchester in the panic room as the fan revolves

SPN Reclist
> Sam Whump <
> The Panic Room <

A collection of fanfic recommendations read and reviewed revolving around Sam and panic rooms is upcoming. There might be some significant x-over recs between this and SPN withdrawal reclist so check that one out in the meantime, maybe :D

> Revisions <

A full stealth edit of my 7k hurt/comfort gentlebard fic Probation Period's Over is on its way after a $30 purchase of GoodNotes that allows the importing of epubs and pdfs for mark ups with an Apple pencil. Highly recommend. So fucking cool.

gif from gifset
Edward Teach wearing his sack and bell, turning towards Stede Bonnet

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